Dear Colleagues,
After its opening in 2004, the Breast Care Center of Seoul national University Hospital has established a sustained improvement in multidisciplinary management of Korean breast cancer patients. Now, we’re translating our experience on the multidisciplinary approaches for cancer patients into the Seoul National University Cancer Center Hospital, which will open a new era for cancer treatment in Korea. Along with its accumulating experience in managing breast cancer patients, the Center has also been a core component of various domestic and international translational research projects on breast cancer and a key clinical trial center for Korean breast cancer patients.

To achieve its fundamental goals of providing state-of-art breast cancer management and developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, the Center has been holding the Seoul Breast Cancer Symposium, which deals with cancer treatment as well as the cutting-edge issues in basic and translational research. Numerous renowned physicians and researchers from around the world have participated in the meetings and shared their expertise and experience with us. This year at the 8th Seoul Breast Cancer Symposium, lectures dealing with recent advances in the understanding of tumor heterogeneity and tumor microenvironment, as well as the current status of ex-vivo models for cancer research and topics in precision medicine will be presented for in-depth discussion.

On behalf of the program committee, I am happy to invite you to join the 8th Seoul Breast Cancer Symposium and hope host a truly enjoyable and inspiring event for all participants.

Sincerely, May, 2018

Dong-Young Noh, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of Seoul National University
Hospital Healthcare System Gangnam Center

Professor, Department of Surgery,
Seoul National University College of Medicine

Wonshik Han, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief of Breast Care Center,
Seoul National University Cancer Hospital

Professor, Department of Surgery,
Seoul National University College of Medicine